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HaveYou Heard the Phrase
    "the shoemaker's children" ?

Creative Web Actions Website is under redesign - under construction signAs the story goes, the shoemaker is so busy serving his customers that there is not enough time for him to mend his own children's shoes or make new ones. As a result his children appear wanting and deprived when you look at their shoes.

As an experience web developer and successful freelancer, I can tell you there is never enough time to allocate for the improvement your own website. This task is always put on the back burner together with those wonderful intentions to enhance the website when the business hits a slow period. Guess what? it never happens

Today, my website does appear as the so called shoemaker's children's shoes and does require my attention. This redesign is a new project.

Thank you for your patients while my website is under construction. This project is a second  priority. My client's work is always my first priority. To learn about my approach, click on Converting my HTML site to a WordPress website

To view our new home page click on the Redesign Home Page

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