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The Art of Website Design and Development

"As an experienced product manager with artistic talents, I lead my team to build websites differently. Ou approach is to create your website as a unique practical business platform with all the necessary features to get business by reaching intented target audience.", ... quote by Creative Web Action's founder, Alphonso.

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Website Design, What does it Take?

Website Design is More than Aesthetics I am a website designer. I have spent most of my career in Marketing Management. As an experienced Marketing Manager, I have led and collaborated with many cross-functional teams to achieve business success over the past 35 years. The type of marketing I am referring to explicitly is Marketing […]

New Product Development

When I was at IBM, most of my career were focused on new product development. I spent most my time working as a team player in Strategic Business Units, SBUs. SBUs are created to create value. I like to think of SBUs as little factories that manage the creation of value as part of the […]

Can Your Website Survive Updates?

Updates are Becoming More Frequent Anyone involved with website design today should be aware of the extremely large number of changes being released for the open-source platform of WordPress.  This includes updates for  thousands of WordPress’ associated plugins and themes. WordPress enhancements are being delivered at a record-breaking pace. It seems the update rate is almost […]

Retaining Customers

Unfortunately, most traditional marketing practices are centered on attracting new customers, instead of retaining existing ones. Developing a strong bond and loyalty is based on building relationships that can result in reducing presales costs and improving profits from 25% to 85%. Retained customers can be developed to provide greater profitability. Two ways to strength customer […]

2015 WordCamp Orlando

WordCamp Orlando is Ready to Receive You. There are still tickets available for this awaited WordPress event on Nov 13 through 15. The WordCamp Orlando is always a well-planned WordCamp. I am never disappointed. It will be a fun filled event. Don’t miss it. WordCamp is a combination of education, hands-on training, entertainment, technical & […]